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Darcy is a young 12 year-old boy who, with his best friend (the old stockman) Jim Bulla, does the rodeo circuit. When Darcy receives a special gift he goes on to achieve one of his dreams - riding in the Fitzroy Crossing Rodeo. This, my first book, was published in 2005 by UWA Press (Cygnet).
Rodeo Darcy was short listed for the Western Australia Premier’s Book Award (2005). It is wonderfully illustrated by Mark Wilson.
Beautifully written and illustrated, these are books to be treasured. Highly recommended.
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This paperback edition of Rodeo Darcy was published in 2015 and is illustrated by Mark Wilson also.
….this book is an easy read that will be enjoyed by readers aged eight and up….
The West Australian
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If you liked Rodeo Darcy, then you’ll love Cockatoo Man too.
Binnu, like Darcy, is a 12 year old bush kid who doesn’t like town much and prefers to be walking through the bush with his ging (slingshot). When he shoots and kills a cockatoo he is in all sorts of trouble. Grandfather will help sort things out, so the both of them begin their trek up into the gorges to make things right.

The descriptions of the Kimberley country conjure beautiful images that all will recognise. It was, however, Binnu’s spiritual journey that made this book special…Giles has written a believable and touching tale.
Emily Meldrum CBCA
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A highly entertaining story about Claude and his dive in an aquarium. Inspired by a trip Ali made in 2014 to Macao, it is a modest story about caring for others.
    This story ticks all the boxes; exotic setting, unique problem, engaging characters and a highly satisfying conclusion. Highly recommended.'
    Chris Dayman CBCA
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    An English - Chinese bilingual version of The Happy Fish.
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    Travels to Moscow is an adult memoir recounting Alison's five visits to Moscow.

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    Belka — ‘Little Face’ is the story of a young Russian boy and his pet dog. When Belka goes missing Sasha is devastated, yet no-one is to know of the great heights she would achieve. Set in the Soviet Union of the 1960’s, Alison captures a glimpse of history when the Space Race was just beginning.This story was inspired by Ali’s visit to the Museum of Cosmonautics in 2014.

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    In July 1973 the 1600 ton cargo vessel, the Cherry Venture, steamed straight into one of the fiercest storms to hit the Queensland coast. Huge twelve metre swells pushed it aground onto Teewah Beach, and there it remained until 2007.

    This novel, for middle grade readers, recounts the courage of human spirit in times of disaster. It also tells of the determination of one man to have the ship seaworthy again. It’s a race against the corrosive salty winds.