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  • I was born on Saturday 23 June, 1962 in Parramatta Hospital (Sydney) during a Bunnies and Eels football match. In 2014 the Bunnies once again played the Eels on 23 June on a Saturday, so I think that’s kind of a special anniversary.
  • My first school was Hilltop Road Public School, until Year 5, and then my family moved to Queensland. I lived at Rainbow Beach and Fraser Island — where I nearly got eaten by a tiger shark and where I saw dingoes and brumbies in the wild.
  • I started high school at Kepnock High in Bundaberg. I used to catch the bus from Mon Repos. Living here was great fun and I would watch the sea turtles lay their eggs at night and then in January the baby turtles would hatch and scurry down to the water.
  • Our next stop was Yeppoon in Queensland, and I had five pet carpet pythons, chickens and guinea pigs.
  • I finished my High School in 1980 at Ulladulla High. Next I trained as a fashion designer in Melbourne and worked there, and in Perth, before travelling to England where I worked as a nanny. I had to mind two school children and two horses (ridden for fox-hunting.)
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  • In 1990 I went to University and trained to become a teacher. I landed my first teaching job in Beagle Bay Community in 1996. By this time I also had got married and had three daughters. We all lived in the Kimberley and spent most of our time hunting, fishing, travelling and enjoying camping.
  • After Beagle Bay, my next teaching job was at Derby District High, then Muludja Remote Community School, then St Mary’s College in Broome. They were really fun times and I made some lovely friends from my time up there. While living there I wrote Rodeo Darcy and then Cockatoo Man — mostly as stories for my students
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  • In 2003 I moved back to Perth and worked in the eastern Wheatbelt in a small country town called Goomalling. We had dogs and cats and chickens and I even had a motor bike. It was a great little town, nice and safe and the people were very friendly. We had lots of fun and played lots of sport.
  • In 2007 the circle was complete and I returned to live in Sydney. I taught in several schools while I trained to become a clinical counsellor. My last ‘school’ job was in an Islamic college in Greenacre. I was their college counsellor.
  • Now, I spend most of my time writing, working with textiles and playing music (I have a 1952 German viola). I also travel a lot overseas with my husband and these travels inspire me to create more stories.
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  • When I was a young girl Edward Ardizonne was my favourite illustrator (and author). I read all of his books and still have two of them (forty years later!) His daughter gave me permission to use this illustration on my website. You can find more about him at Thank you Christianna!